New year new me…..

Ok hold up!!…. This year I refuse to complie to any resolution whatsoever!!! I never follow them anyway💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽

I have however had a good pep talk with myself; i.e, me, myself, and I, have come to the conclusion, that in life you always “Take the Bull by the Horns”..or possibly running into the ever lasting arms of my maker!!

Proverbs 25:2 it’s the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings to search it out.. as I run to the living arms of my maker in spirit and in truth, he allows me to search

Proverbs 20:27 The spirit of man is the candle of he Lord searching all the inward parts of the belly…. in his presence, I’m content!!!Let us always find our way to his throne room of

Baking day..!!!

It wasn’t easy, but I did it!! After contemplating, mulling, and feeling so intimidated by the whole process I put things together to make a basic bread.. no frills!! Didn’t want to complicate basic bread making….. but have to admit mistakes were made on my part!! Over eager to get it right; it was very basic, I compensated, and the results are what you see above…I proved it, and it rose very well.., second time not so much, but decided to bake it anyway!! As Christians God sets us aside for his timing, “we are not our own” Romans 8:9..Gods gift to us is grace unto salvation Eph 2:8 “For it is by grace… it is the gift of God”!!

When we learn to listen, we won’t become half risen Christians, like my bread; simply because I wanted to do things my way!! Let us learn to listen through our discernment of the spirit, the Holy Spirit.


Everything seems to be sprouting everywhere… but it’s too soon… global warming???this shows!!… daffodils are acceptable, it’s nearly their time… but then who’s to say??.. Gods timing🙏🏾

Hands of a supernatural GOD!!!……………..

I have always wondered why others find it so hard to believe in the God head; GOD the Father,God the Son, and God the holy Spirit!! Yet its’ so easy to embrace other faiths!!…

The word of Jesus says “come to me all ye who are heavy laden, and i will give you rest”…so in faith why dont we test it out..Do as the word says!! I have learnt to believe, and trust solely in him, and his love for me; Yes he cares, even if you whisper it he still hears you!! Jesus is Love….

This is the same Jesus Who at the appointed time gave his life as a sacrifice…He came to us as GOD the man;in the form of Jesus; Are we still following?? Taught all who would open up, and listen to  him, and led many to himself..He said if you abide in me, and i in you, ask anything in my name, and it shall be given unto you..The word of God isnt complicated…..yet some people find it easier to trust in stones, and statues…

Ask him into your heart, and hear him speak!! Remember the tomb is empty, and christ isnt on the cross any more!! He has been made to sit at the right hand of God, and God has exhalted him above everything ever created in heaven, and on earth!!! He is “Lord”, so start believing that!!


Couch Potato or Sofa???

My favourite past time is lounging in my three seater sofa;Since i lounge,couch is the best name for it!! I lie in it, and reminisce,Use it when i have my laptop,and have had good times and fun times in it;most of all it serves as a spare bed for those unexpected stopovers!! Who is to say what else may happen in it?? It has moved 360 degrees around the sitting room,and now,I’ve left it an angle,just so the room looks a bit more interesting!! Scatter cushions,and throws always help any old couch/sofa!! #wponthego

First attempt…

Baking!!….One of my pet hates,I tried it for  three Consecutive Sundays,but it just didnt happen..Considering,I was simply trying to make a pizza base!! One would have thought it was pretty basic;well at least i did,BUT IT WAS NOT SO!!! At my third attempt of a lump(as I had named it),i said goodbye to baking,and concentrated on cooking,stewing,boiling,frying and even poaching!! Why had baking been so much effort;It was my fear of failing!! With baking its not as straight forward;you never know just how it will turn out!! 15 years later after my first experience,i walked into a supermarket and purchased my first bread kit;i had to start with the bread!!!! Yesterday i mustered up the courage and started!!……and,Voila,this is what I got back!! I was so impressed I had to sample it;Not bad for an attempt, it was so good, secretly i began to imagine what else I could try,but resisted,not to push fate!!….One day pretty soon I will try AGAIN!!!…;-)


Who would have thought that an empty fridge would be the sight to be moan??…..Alas that is the case,so i have set myself this task of NEVER emptying out the fridge,UNLESS i know there will be replacements soon after!!

Food is to be enjoyed in any form it comes to you,I believe you can make a meal out of anything;the three important staples being;for me,are milk,flour and oil!!!Make sure however, you have ALL the condiments to support whatever you heart so desires!!!….so turkey salad here i come..!!! Happy eating!!


Men have issues…why are they so stubborn; EVEN when they know THEY’re in the wrong??!! I’m just as stubborn, and will stand my ground; regardless!!!

My boyfriend; my soul mate, soon to have been the father of my children; on hold for now; decided he had had ENOUGH of my pep talk, so decided to leave!!! By this time i had had enough too, and wouldn’t have stopped him anyway!! “Let him go” i thought, see how he likes it out there in the cold!!!

Its been a year, and occasionally he calls to say “hi” !!! I know for a fact he hates it out there, but he would rather stay out there, until I PERSONALLY ASK HIM BACK ( I have no inclination of doing that!! ) !!! I know what he wants to hear, but i refuse budge , because I think he should have the decency to Apologise for BEING wrong in the first place!!!

Am i asking TOO much of this Man?? ..My boyfriend, soon to have been my husband, by now!!??? He still loves me, but im not sure; I still care though!!!

Babies and me!!!

I just love them!!A week ago today a beautiful friend of mine surprisingly had her baby; 9 days early!!! No choice of her own, baby just wanted OUT!!!

Strangely enough two weeks prior, i just felt she was due earlier than her due date, so i kept sending her texts to make sure, she had packed everything, and was ready; just a gut feeling i had a feeling, baby was coming earlier than predicted!!
Her water broke ten days earlier, then nine days earlier than her due date she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named william; after his paternal grandfather!!
I was there with her husband throughout; holding her hand!! It was such a magical moment, i couldnt stop smiling when the baby was born screaming his lungs out!! He is just a treasure, and i just fell in love with him on sight!!
A week later mother,child and husband are still staring at each other!!! Mother cant believe its hers, daddy is so proud he has his very own mini ME, and baby; well baby just wants to be hugged ALL THE TIME!!!


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