Men have issues…why are they so stubborn; EVEN when they know THEY’re in the wrong??!! I’m just as stubborn, and will stand my ground; regardless!!!

My boyfriend; my soul mate, soon to have been the father of my children; on hold for now; decided he had had ENOUGH of my pep talk, so decided to leave!!! By this time i had had enough too, and wouldn’t have stopped him anyway!! “Let him go” i thought, see how he likes it out there in the cold!!!

Its been a year, and occasionally he calls to say “hi” !!! I know for a fact he hates it out there, but he would rather stay out there, until I PERSONALLY ASK HIM BACK ( I have no inclination of doing that!! ) !!! I know what he wants to hear, but i refuse budge , because I think he should have the decency to Apologise for BEING wrong in the first place!!!

Am i asking TOO much of this Man?? ..My boyfriend, soon to have been my husband, by now!!??? He still loves me, but im not sure; I still care though!!!

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