Hands of a supernatural GOD!!!……………..

I have always wondered why others find it so hard to believe in the God head; GOD the Father,God the Son, and God the holy Spirit!! Yet its’ so easy to embrace other faiths!!…

The word of Jesus says “come to me all ye who are heavy laden, and i will give you rest”…so in faith why dont we test it out..Do as the word says!! I have learnt to believe, and trust solely in him, and his love for me; Yes he cares, even if you whisper it he still hears you!! Jesus is Love….

This is the same Jesus Who at the appointed time gave his life as a sacrifice…He came to us as GOD the man;in the form of Jesus; Are we still following?? Taught all who would open up, and listen to  him, and led many to himself..He said if you abide in me, and i in you, ask anything in my name, and it shall be given unto you..The word of God isnt complicated…..yet some people find it easier to trust in stones, and statues…

Ask him into your heart, and hear him speak!! Remember the tomb is empty, and christ isnt on the cross any more!! He has been made to sit at the right hand of God, and God has exhalted him above everything ever created in heaven, and on earth!!! He is “Lord”, so start believing that!!


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