I have always wanted to be a writer since i was seven years old;I put the pen to paper one day and it started…Once upon a time there lived in a far away land a great King…I wrote so many adventures it wasn't realistic any more so being a writer was abandoned.

At ten years old i started collecting pictures of anything that moved, that i had taken a picture of!! Six months later i was given a diary with a key,and i thought to myself this is it;time to write my innermost thoughts, and keep them locked away;It lasted three years and a day!! Un be known to me,my cousin found my diary,unlocked and started to read it,when she had finished she put it back,and started sharing my beautiful thoughts;what hurt the most was,she thought it was very poorly written,and boring!! I was so upset,i locked the diary,threw the key away and shelved it for nearly three decades.

I found it again and prised it open,and reread all the childish secrets i had written all those years ago,and i must admit,it was boring…..! This is a new era for writing,so i cannot stop now…Keep reading,i have years of writing to settle!!!

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