First attempt…

Baking!!….One of my pet hates,I tried it for ┬áthree Consecutive Sundays,but it just didnt happen..Considering,I was simply trying to make a pizza base!! One would have thought it was pretty basic;well at least i did,BUT IT WAS NOT SO!!! At my third attempt of a lump(as I had named it),i said goodbye to baking,and concentrated on cooking,stewing,boiling,frying and even poaching!! Why had baking been so much effort;It was my fear of failing!! With baking its not as straight forward;you never know just how it will turn out!! 15 years later after my first experience,i walked into a supermarket and purchased my first bread kit;i had to start with the bread!!!! Yesterday i mustered up the courage and started!!……and,Voila,this is what I got back!! I was so impressed I had to sample it;Not bad for an attempt, it was so good, secretly i began to imagine what else I could try,but resisted,not to push fate!!….One day pretty soon I will try AGAIN!!!…;-)

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