Babies and me!!!

I just love them!!A week ago today a beautiful friend of mine surprisingly had her baby; 9 days early!!! No choice of her own, baby just wanted OUT!!!

Strangely enough two weeks prior, i just felt she was due earlier than her due date, so i kept sending her texts to make sure, she had packed everything, and was ready; just a gut feeling i had a feeling, baby was coming earlier than predicted!!
Her water broke ten days earlier, then nine days earlier than her due date she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named william; after his paternal grandfather!!
I was there with her husband throughout; holding her hand!! It was such a magical moment, i couldnt stop smiling when the baby was born screaming his lungs out!! He is just a treasure, and i just fell in love with him on sight!!
A week later mother,child and husband are still staring at each other!!! Mother cant believe its hers, daddy is so proud he has his very own mini ME, and baby; well baby just wants to be hugged ALL THE TIME!!!


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